Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flying Lessons - How Not to Fly

Every one likes videos, so here are some examples of how not to fly:

Things learned include:
  • Center of Gravity! (Specially when the plane has taken some damage already. Nose heavy will cause it to stall, tail heavy will cause it to turn over when turning using rudder)
  • Different trim values required for flying with motor on or gliding with motor off (flying straight when motor on, will cause it to turn slightly right when gliding with motor off)
  • Perception! (Plane flying towards or away. Successfully stabilize the plane first, attempt maneuvers later)
  • Taking in to account speed gains when dropping plane. Also speed losses when climbing.
  • Trees! (Sometimes getting the plane down damages it more then the crash itself
  • Response delay introduced by various elements (crosswinds, momentum, servo delay ...)

On a side note, the plane was named post usable service as AVI@TOR 01 (Aerial Vehicle Intended @(Academic Testing) Or Research).

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