Friday, September 11, 2009

Flight No. 10 - Data Analysis

One more flight with interesting data, now visualized for better understanding.

Flight video, which unfortunately ended in a tree:

The raw sensors data was smoothened using GNU Octave (language for numerical computations) Data Smoothing Package to clean the raw telemetry of noise (vibrations, sensor deviation, ...) and then the smoothened values plotted against raw values.

Orientometer data with smoothed and raw values:

Accelerometer data with smoothed and raw values:

Next the smoothened data was visualized and animated (using Octave and imageMagick) for better perspective and to be checked against the flight video to see how it matched.

Orimetometer data visualized and animated:

Accelerometer data visualized and animated:

Next step in sensor telemetry would be to implement the real time data smoothing in to the sensor software.

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