Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tools of Choice - Android & G1

It's always good to learn about up and coming platforms right?

Android is one of the things I wanted to try, so the next logical step was a hunt for HTC's G1 device (for now, kind of an expensive rarity in my neck of the woods).

Nifty little gizmo, so what will be done with it:
  • internal sensors for flight control - GPS (position and speed), digital compass (direction and navigation) & accelerometer (aplied forces and hopefully plane orientation)
  • Java on Android for computing, control (serial) and telemetry broadcast to ground station (GPRS)
  • probable "rooting" and hacking for control over serial console
  • possible directional wi-fi antenna for test flight tracking and debugging
First post might have jinxed the project a little, since I just figured out that so far there is no support for serial communication trough Android API's. So much for choosing the right tools to fit the job, but any other way wouldn't be as exciting.

Though the hacking of the phone will come a bit later, would like to play with it for a while before I mess it up completely.

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