Saturday, May 08, 2010

All Aboard

Historic flight in the development process!

First, successful, fully loaded flight with all the gear:

Canopy replaced by "demodulator" and servo control circuit boards with, for now, unholy amounts of cables.

Everything connected under plane's own power, with working manual override and autonomous mode, programed to control each aileron independently and turn them it to flaps. (fun fact, when using flaps, the center of the airplane changes)

Working tracking in real time trough cellular network for data transfer (with a VPN in between to bridge mobile and broadband Internet)

Corrected altitude data (take off and landing this time really is on the round).

The downside of course the plane being overweight by almost twice the recommended weight, resulting in increased necessary speed to keep it airborne (increased to to around 50kmh).

Which, for the moment, makes it feel like a flying cow (not a technical term).

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