Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Flight - Manual

Status before the first flight:

First flight was supposed to be without any payload for reduced weight and increased maneuverability, but I misjudged the extra weight of the heavier wire used because of the motor, so the plane became nose heavy and the fort three attempts at flight looked like this:

After adding the payload (namely the G1), the center of gravity was restored and the plane took off. But it started immediately turn to the right (miss adjusted rudder) and here I made my first piloting error. In the attempt to level the plane with the elevator I accidentally also moved the aileron control (located on the same controling lever), causing the plane to bank and crash:

Resulting in this:

Things to be considered before the next flight:
  • readjust the rudder for the extension
  • increase the speed/strength of the plane launch/throw
  • increase tail weight or decrease nose weight
  • stronger propeller attachment (came lose after every crash)
  • move or remove aileron control pending more experience

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